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Kerri Fox is certified to apply the finest quality eyelash extensions on the market, manufactured by Xtremelash Lashes ® . Only licensed professionals are permitted to train in this physician-developed course where the technique for one lash at a time application is used with a superior medical-grade adhesive developed by Xtremelash Lashes ®.

The special application technique enhances the longevity of applied lashes. One at a time application and a selection of many colors lets you attain your perfect personal results- from light and natural looking eyelashes to thick and glamorous movie star eyes.

Each extension is attached to an existing eyelash with Platinum Bond Glue. Eyelash extensions can be worn continuously with periodic touch-ups. No mascara is necessary, and in fact should not be used until it is approaching touch up time. Do not use waterproof mascara with eyelash extensions or it may chemically damage them.

You won't believe your eyes!


Kerri Fox Spa Eyelash Extension
Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Get Great Sexy lashes applied to your natural lashes one extension at a time. Lashes are available in a variety of lengths, materials and weights to achieve your perfect desired look.

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Looking for a dramatic beauty treatment?

Open your eyes with expertly applied Xtremelash Lashes ® extensions.